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Cleveland Elementary Walk more in Four challenge

Cleveland Elementary Principal, Jeral Lofley encourages participation in Walk more in Four, "Last fall Cleveland Elementary participated in the Walk More in Four Challenge which is sponsored annually by the Utah Department of Transportation. Students who live within walking and biking distance from school were encouraged to walk or ride their bikes to school. Those students who usually ride the bus to school were encouraged to walk and bike safely in their neighborhoods. Students kept a record of their progress. Cleveland Elementary received third place in the state and $100 for participation in the Walk More in Four Challenge. Several students also received individual prizes.

"This year, the competition is from Tuesday, September 2 to Thursday, September 26. All Utah students are eligible to participate just by walking or biking to school at least three days a week for the four weeks in September. If students are unable to walk or bike to school due to distance, they can still participate by practicing safe habits while walking or biking in their neighborhoods. Students who successfully complete the challenge are eligible for the prize drawing, which has included new bikes, scooters and helmets.

"I urge all parents to help their children participate in this fun and rewarding program," said Principal Lofley.

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