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Girl's softball finishes season with tournament

Elmo- First place in third-fourth grades: Back row: James Winn(coach), Ashly Leffler, Shyanne Jensen, Arilynn Allred, Sayge Laws, Janessa Weston, Jackie Allred(coach) Front row: Ryan Jensen(coach), Brooklyn Ekker, Aspen Taylor, Cambrie Jensen, Hallie Winn, Seth Allred(coach)
Cleveland- second place in eighth-12th grades. Back row: Teren Miller, Cheyenne Carter, Nikki Borba, Skyler Sitterud, Morgann Donaldson, Barbie Powell(coach), Debbie Allred(coach) Front row: Jayla Weston, Shelby Allred, Shadleigh Allred, Randi Lake, Erin Hurst, Lainee Jensen
Ferron: First place in eighth-12th grades. Back row: Trinidi Price(coach), Taijah Price, Amanda West, Bryton Hess, Jeridi Price, Bailee Thompson, Sarah Swasey, Sidney Timothy, Boe Taylor(coach) Front row: Shawnda Mangum, Kelsey Reeve, Kodi Caldwell, Addy Healey, Shelby Allen.
Ferron: second place in fifth-seventh grades. top row Shannon Clark, Elexis Donavon, Addy Healy, Kammi Swasey, Aubree Justice, Maryn Allred, Makaila Clark. On the bottom row Jaycee Bennett, Shelbee Murdoch, Ashlun Clark, Kaelee Hooley, Braileigh Clark, and standing on the bottom row is Olivia Conover.
Cleveland- first place in fifth-seventh grades: Back row: Cindy Borba(coach), Lainee Jensen, Shekiya Jensen, Kaitlyn Carter, Dixie Skelley, Raegan Sitterud, Molley Skelley(coach) Front row: Morgann Donaldson, Nikki Borba, Jayla Weston, JoJo Peterson, Randi Lake, Taylor Duncan
Huntington second place in third-fourth grades. Coaches Kade, Rebecca and Kandace Stevenson. Team members: Racheal Stevenson, Jasmin Wacasey, Kaejha Johnson, Shannon Johnson, McKady Liddle, Jaylynn Fox, Annalyce Rudd and Aspen Hansen.

The Emery County girls softball league recently finished their season with a tournament. In eighth-12th grade: All five teams played great. Ferron stayed on top during the tournament not losing a game, until Cleveland came back from playing three games prior and defeated them in the championship game. That made them play one more game where Ferron defeated Cleveland and won the Championship. It was a very exciting game and had everyone on the edge of their seats into the early morning (1am).

Fifth-seventh grades: There was a total of seven teams in this age group. Cleveland stayed on top all the way through the tournament. Ferron played hard all the way to the end, but couldn't defeat Cleveland. Cleveland ended the season going undefeated through the tournament. All the girls played hard.

Third-fourth grades: There was seven teams in this age group. Elmo came up from the bottom and beat Huntington twice to become Champions of the 3-4 graders. These girls played great. We have a lot of talented girls in this age group, with teams playing as many as three games in a row.

These girls have great potential to go far.

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