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Ferron discusses Stock Show

Staff Writer

During the June 26 Ferron City Council meeting, Mayor Kent Larsen introduced Peach Days for discussion. Larsen stated that until Peach Days is over, this item will be on the agenda for every meeting to enable the council to stay current on all the preparation work being done to ensure a successful celebration.

Councilwoman Laurie Pitchforth, though not present at the meeting, had left a letter with Mayor Larsen listing everything that had been done to that point. The council heard the letter and voted to accept the theme for Peach Days as "Peach-a-rific." Mayor Larsen stressed to the council that the yearly budget is substantially less this year than last, so everyone connected with the planning of Peach Days would be required to come up with creative ideas to make the celebration fun for quite a bit less money.

Another discussion item was the adoption of an OHV ordinance. Councilwoman Jo Sansevero had presented a draft of the ordinance and the council discussed the item concerning use of OHVs for farming activity. This ordinance will not effect the use of OHVs for use in farming.

Sansevero also pointed out that some other cities ordinances have a clause banning the use of OHVs on streets that border a school. The routes that are needed to access the city streets to the public lands surrounding the city necessitate driving past the schools. The council voted to strike that clause from Ferron's intended ordinance. Sansevero reported that she had been to Judge Truman to review this ordinance draft proposal and he had given his interpretation of the clause in question. Sansevero said that this action would not effect the ordinance or its enforceability.

A draft of the final proposal will be posted for the citizens of Ferron to read and make comment before the voting on the adoption of the OHV ordinance.

Another ordinance was discussed by the council during this meeting. It was Ordinance No. 2003-6, prohibiting water users from interconnecting culinary and secondary water systems. Also this ordinance provides the city and/or it's agents to enter upon private property to inspect water systems and enforce the ordinance.

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