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Relay for Life

The fifth American Cancer Society Relay for Life was held at Emery High on July 11 and 12

The Cancer Survivors were honored with a new sign donated by Lauri Davis.

The fifth annual Emery County Chapter of the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life was held on July 11 and 12 at the Emery High Track. The event began with a survivor's social and each survivor was given a balloon and a rose which had been donated. The survivors walked their survivor's lap and then released their purple balloons. Judy Lang, Sally Walls and Cathie Samples from the Lions Club donated a check for $1,000 to Cathy Sitterud, the relay organizer. The Lion's Club has been collecting pennies in jars which have been set out at various businesses throughout the county. It is the hope of Lang to be able to carry on this fund raiser throughout her district for the Lion's Club.

Two speakers were next on the agenda with the rights of cancer victims being discussed and the lobbying of the legislature for funding for cancer research was also explored.

The strength of the people with cancer and their attitudes was also discussed by Rick Stockburger who is a nurse for those patients who are critically ill. After the speakers the teams were introduced and then they walked a lap together around the track. The luminary ceremony in honor of survivors and those who have passed on from cancer was held at dusk. The word HOPE was also spelled out on the bleachers and it burned brightly during and after the ceremony. Participants lit the luminaries around the football field and a moment of silence was observed.

The courthouse team kept things lively throughout the evening with games and activities. Three raffles were drawn for at breakfast and Lanell Nielson won the Holiday Inn getaway, Vicki Petersen won the $50 worth of meat donated by Magnuson Meats and Ron Jensen won the stay at the bed and breakfast.

Dinner was served and entertainment went on for many hours as the participants walked the track all night. Breakfast was served the following morning and it was cooked by the Castle Dale City Council.

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