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New monument coming to Miner's Memorial Park

This base will support the granite slab which will have the names of miners who passed away in mining accidents in Huntington Canyon.


The Huntington City Miners Memorial will see a new addition soon. Work is being done to complete a monument paying tribute to coal miners who have died at coal mines in Huntington Canyon. It will also include names of miners who lived in the Huntington/Lawrence area who passed away in other coal mining accidents in mines located elsewhere.

Boyd Wilson of Huntington is spearheading the effort to get this monument completed. Huntington City is supporting the project financially. Wilson said, "We currently have names for 49 miners. We think we have everyone, but we don't want to leave any name out. If you know of anyone who should be included on this monument, please let us know. I can be reached at 687-2537 or 749-1045. You can also call the Huntington City Hall at 687-2436.

"The stone will be made out of granite and is five feet long and three feet tall and one foot thick. The names will be engraved in the stone below the year the accident took place. The granite is gray in color. We just wanted to recognize those miners that aren't listed anywhere else. Those who died in the Wilberg Mine are listed on the monument in Orangeville. Those who died in Crandall Canyon are listed here at the miners memorial."

Huntington Mayor Hilary Gordon said, "This is really Boyd's project, he just felt like it needed to be done and I agree. He's put in a lot of work and research to gather the names. We just want to double check to make sure we haven't missed anyone."

Wilson said, "The first miners listed worked at the Winter Quarters mine and lived in Huntington. This was in 1900. There have been various accidents throughout the years where miners have lost their lives." An unveiling ceremony will be planned for early November after the final work on the project is complete. The Miners Memorial Park is next to the Huntington City cemetery on SR-31.

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