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Clawson Town celebrates with fall festival

Julie Weber fries scones for the Clawson fall dinner.

Clawson Days and Chili Cook Off, was held Sept. 21, in the Clawson City Hall. Mayor Mandy Price welcomed the Clawson residents and guests to this great Clawson Days event. When people arrived for the Clawson Days Celebration, they found the building dark due to an electrical substation being repaired. To solve the problem of no lights. Dean Allen brought in a gas powered electrical generator and soon there were electric lights illuminating the meeting room.

In the Chili Cook Off contest Travis Allen, Shelby Allen and Mahlon Delange were the judges. These judges commented that all the chili's presented were so good that deciding the best chili was difficult. Amber Moosman delivered the chili that won the Chili Cook Off. Joanie Moosman was the one who made the prize winning chili. Joanie Moosman was unable to attend.

Sam Allen was successful in catching a fish from the make shift fishing pond behind the City Council's desk.

Julie Weber made stacks of scones for the group and a crock of homemade honey butter. The honey butter was a mixture of sweet salted butter with honey and marshmellow cream stirred in.

Everyone had a good time sampling the chili and conversing with their neighbors. The children played around in the room after eating.

Mandy said this will be her last year as mayor of Clawson.

Dean Allen a long time resident of Clawson announced that he would run for the office of Clawson Mayor in the upcoming election. He has no opposition. Dean is already in charge of the city water and sewer system. It seems that he was the only one in Clawson willing to take on the job of mayor. Mr. Allen pointed out, if Clawson doesn't elect a mayor the town could become disenfranchised.

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