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Letter to the Editor: Blue Castle Nuclear Power Plant

By Roy Adams
Salt Lake City

In response to articles that have been written on the Blue Castle Nuclear Power Plant, show they are biased, without knowing how nuclear power plant operates. Uranium is formed into ceramic pellets and placed in metal tubes called fuel rods in a reactor vessel to make up the core-plant that produces heat.

Water is heated to (580 degrees Fahrenheit) kept under high pressure to prevent it from boiling travels to tubes inside steam generators.

Secondary source of water passes around the outside of the tubes in steam generators. Heat from the water inside the tubes is transferred to secondary, which boils and turns into steam. The steam formed in the generators is piped into the turbine, steam turns the turbine blades, is connected to electric generator and produces electricity.

Once the steam is used to drive the main turbines, the low energy is converted to water by circulating around tubes (carry cool water from adjacent lake). In a large box like structure called a condenser condensed steam, now water, is pumped to the steam generators to repeat the cycle. The water in the condenser tubes pick up heat from the steam, passing though the outside of the tubes heated water goes to the cooling tower before returning to the lake or reuse in the plant again. The three water systems are separated from each other to ensure radioactive water does not mix with nonradioactive water.

1. Nuclear plant is self-contained, water is used over and over in a closed system. 2. Loss of water in evaporation is very minimal. 3. Blue Castle holdings will spend millions to protect Green River and species. 4. According to Rocky Mountain Power, coal power plants in Utah are in their last operating years. 5. No pollution in atmosphere. 6. Green River flow maintains average daily flow of 1800 cfs to 2500 cfs (nuclear power plant will use 70 cfs) daily. 7. Economy for Utah and Emery, Grand and San Juan Counties will be there for the future.

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