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Castle Dale City dedicates new portion of cemetery

Castle Dale city council members, Julie Johansen Pizzuto, Brad Giles and Mayor Neal Peacock along with Castle Dale residents officially open the new portion of the Castle Dale Cemetery.


Castle Dale City officially opened the new portion of their cemetery on Thursday. Mayor Neal Peacock said, "Several years ago we came to the alarming conclusion that the old part of our cemetery was almost full. Castle Dale Cemetery was used for indigent burials. We knew it would only last a few more years and that was a concern. We started an effort to acquire the property. The property was an old gully. We worked on drainage so the runoff from the surrounding fields wouldn't flood the cemetery. It was an expensive project. We filled the gully with soil, brought in topsoil and then planted. There's a new roadway into the cemetery and a round about. Probably the first in Emery County. In the center of the roundabout we would like to build some type of monument. But, the funds aren't available for that at this time.

There is a plan for the new cemetery and all the plots so we will know where all the graves are placed. I would like to thank Brad. He oversaw the effort that started 12 years ago and he deserves special credit and thanks. We never borrowed money for this project or raised fees. We worked on it as we could and when funds were available. We did this project ourselves and don't have any debt on the project. We foresee this expansion project extending the life of the cemetery 100 years. It is a good and farsighted project. The property down below could be used to extend the project should it be needed. We are now ready to sell plots in the new cemetery and plots are still available in the old cemetery as well. There are plots by family members.

"We feel great about the project and we've reached a point where the cemetery can open. It's time it was dedicated," said Mayor Peacock. He pointed out that city employee Nosh Arrien did most of the work.

Brad Giles, council member said he appreciated the mayor and his work on the project in procuring the land. The work on the cemetery was done by local craftsmen for the brick and ironwork. "There is a space for a map of the cemetery when we have that ready," said Giles. DeMar Guymon did the ironwork. Chris Burke did the brick work. Nosh Arrien thanked the workmen who helped with the project and they did a good job. He said the space in the new cemetery will be used more wisely and everything is laid out in grids to make finding plots simpler. He said they planned ahead with the sprinkler system and further expansion as needed.

Mayor Peacock gave the dedicatory prayer and blessed the cemetery as a place of peace and comfort for the residents of Castle Dale and family members.

The ceremony concluded as those present lined up along the rod iron gate and officially opened the gate to the cemetery.

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