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Sixty day period for contract negotiations winding down for Deer Creek Miners and Energy West


In the October public lands meeting, John Baza from the Division of Oil, Gas and Mining said the Deer Creek miners received warning notices that there could be lay-offs after 60 days.

Rocky Mountain Power spokesperson Dave Eskelsen called the Emery County Progress and said this statement wasn't correct. The Deer Creek Miners received a 60 day notice of termination of contract. After this 60 days is up then the union miners can strike without notice. It also allows the company to act in its best interest as well.

Eskelsen said contract negotiations are continuing and Energy West is hopeful a new contract agreement can be reached that is agreeable to both sides.

The company will keep the mine operating after the 60 day period is reached. If the Deer Creek miners choose to strike then negotiations can still continue even with a strike in progress.

It is the main obligation of Energy West to keep the coal flowing to the power plants and keep the electricity on for its customers. Every effort will be made to ensure the power plants continued operation. Eskelsen said the power plants have a coal stock pile with sufficient supplies which can keep the plants operating for some time.

The 60 day time table began on Sept. 13 and will end Nov. 12.

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