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Clawson Town makes plans for ball field

By Alice Wadley

Clawson city held their monthly council meeting. The council approved the last meeting minutes and voted to pay the bills. Councilwoman Casey Reid wants to look into putting batting cages in the park. She and Councilman Jerry Price will look into the cost and maintenance of the cages. Reid also reported, when the tables and chairs are loaned out from the town hall someone needs to account for them. If someone rents the town hall the tables and chairs can't be used during that time for another event.

Councilman Larry Gregersen reported he sent back the emergency plan. The cemetery will be watered one more time.

Councilman Jerry Price reported there is $4,000 left in the recreation fund. At the end of this year another $2,000 will be left over and next year it is anticipated the city will receive another $2,000. The recreation money will be used for a baseball/softball field. The money should be enough for grass and a backstop. It is unknown how much fencing will cost. The city will also have to consider the cost of maintenance and lawn mowing.

Councilman Dean Allen reported a property in Clawson is going to be cleaned. A tree in the city is impeding drivers vision at a stop sign. A tree trimming service will be contacted to perform the work, due to the height of the tree.

The harvest celebration was sparsely attended, possibly due to conflicting events. The council will try again next year. The Halloween hay ride will still take place on Oct. 31 at 4:30 p.m. To ensure the safety of everyone involved it is important to keep all off the trailers together, depart at the same time and travel in one direction. On Dec. 3 Santa will be at the town hall.

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