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Emery County holds municipal elections

Jay Mark and Natalie Humphrey check into vote with election judge Staci Moss.

Emery County voters headed to the polls on Nov. 5 to vote in the municipal elections. Danny Vanwagoner received the most votes for Castle Dale Mayor. Julie Johansen and Douglas Weaver received the most votes for the Castle Dale Councilmembers.

In the Cleveland Election, Kobi M. Erni edged out incumbent mayor Bryan Christensen. Michael Taylor and Verla Jensen received the most votes for the Cleveland councilmembers.

In the Emery mayor race Mayor Mistie Christiansen received the most votes. Write-in candidate, Varian Allen and Richard Wiley Pope Jr. received the most votes for the Emery councilmembers.

In the Ferron Mayor race Trent Jackson received the most votes. Vickie Shreve and Joe Trenery received the most votes for the Ferron councilmembers.

Mayor Hilary Gordon was re-elected in Huntington. Mark T. Justice and Laneea Cowley received the most votes for the Huntington four year councilmembers. Gloria Wilson ran uncontested in the two year councilmember race.

In another close race Roger S. Swenson received the most votes for the Orangeville mayor. Tom Baltzer ran uncontested in the two year councilmember race. Carole Larsen and Kent Wilson were the two candidates on the ballet for the Orangeville coucilmembers.

Mayor Pat Brady was re-elected as Green River mayor. Phillip Engleman and Michael Silliman received the most votes for the four year councilmembers.

These are the unofficial municipal general election results. Castle Dale Mayor: Danny Vanwagoner-200, Michael C Kava- 111. Castle Dale Councilmember: Mary V. Kava-98, Douglas Weaver-160, Julie Johansen-217, Jacob Barnett-134.

Cleveland Mayor: Bryan Christensen-68, Kobi M. Erni-78. Cleveland Councilmember: Michael Taylor-88, Jesse Ward-71, Verla Jensen-73, Priscilla Burton-54.

Emery Mayor: Mistie J. Christiansen-73, Eric R. Anderson-21. Councilmember: Jon "Smiley" Sundstrom II-31, Richard Wiley Pope Jr.-45, Write in-Varian Allen-78.

Ferron Mayor: Larry B. Friis-185, Trent Jackson-262. Ferron Councilmember: Clyde Garrett Conover-176, Vickie Shreve-249, Joe Trenery-260, Josh Galvez-191.

Huntington Mayor: Hilary Gordon-227, Jim Greenan-144, Huntington Two year Councilmember: Gloria Wilson-343. Huntington Councilmember: Laneea Cowley-254, Becki Jorgensen-194, Mark T. Justice-207.

Orangeville Mayor: Roger S. Swenson-174, Shawn Alton-164. Orangeville Two year Councilmember: Tom Baltzer-330. Orangeville Councilmember: Carole Larsen-312, Kent Wilson-297.

Green River Mayor: Pat Brady- 105. Council Members: Philip Engleman-105, Michael Silliman-93, Shlisa Hughes-80, Kent Johnson -78.

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