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Emery County Construction Update

Nielson Construction crews work on a rotomill and overlay project in Huntington Canyon.

Construction work currently underway on State Route 10 between Price and Huntington will result in a road designed to accommodate current and future traffic needs for both north and southbound travelers.

Nielson Construction, the general contractor for the Utah Department of Transportation project, has been at work on the project since late May. The project calls for an additional north and southbound lane along much of the approximately seven-mile project. The project's length goes from Huntington to Poison Springs Bench and will culminate in a four lane road for approximately four miles and the lengthening of the passing lane in the southbound traffic in the area of Poison Springs Bench.

Nielson Construction crews and equipment are currently involved in excavation work that when complete will help alleviate some of the traffic concerns resulting from the increased flow of coal trucks using the road between Huntington and Price. Much of SR-10 from Huntington north to Poison Springs Bench is uphill and the additional passing lanes will allow motorists a safer method of passing coal trucks, according to Jim Chandler, UDOT field engineer for the Price construction crew, who is overseeing the project.

Approximately 30 to 50 heavy equipment operators, truck drivers and laborers from Nielson Construction are currently working on the SR-10 project, which is scheduled to be complete by early summer of 2004. "The project is going really well. Construction crews are moving right along and doing a good job," Chandler said.

The road project will not only benefit the Emery and Carbon county areas with a road designed to meet future traffic demands, but with the majority of the work being accomplished by a local business, it will also help the economies of both counties.

Last year Nielson Construction was selected for a road project on SR-10 between Price and the Hiawatha Junction and on SR-6 between Wellington and the Sunnyside Junction, which allowed the Huntington and Price-based construction company to keep local people working, according to Wayne Nielson, company president.

Nielson Construction crews are also working on a rotomill and asphalt overlay project on State Route 31 in Huntington Canyon. Local crews from the construction company have completed the rotomill portion of the project and are currently involved in asphalt overlay of approximately 14 miles of SR-31 in Huntington Canyon. That project will result with marked improvements on SR-31 and should be complete in the next two weeks.

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