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Women in Business: Sheila's Bees

Shelia Anderson and her products fresh from her Emery bees.

My name is Shelia Anderson, I live in Emery and we have been involved in the honey bee business for the past six years. We decided we needed someway to keep us busy in our retirement years; but little did we realize that it would soon become a full time business.

I soon became fascinated with the honey bees and I enjoy actually getting out and working directly with the bees. It soon became apparent that there was a good demand for other products that also came from the honey bees so after several requests, I decided to start producing bees wax candles, the bee bar, which is a pop out moisturizer bar made from bees wax and other natural ingredients, lip balm, and body and bath soaps also made from honey and bees wax. All of these products have also become real popular throughout the interest area.

Due to the fact that my honey bees only produce a limited supply of bees wax each year, our supply is limited as I only use my own quality beeswax. In addition to the bees wax products I also sell and package our own honey which I sell in 8 oz. bears, 2 lbs bears, 5 lbs buckets, 1 gallon buckets, and 5 gallon buckets. I also make custom gift bags with my honey and my beeswax products. These gift bags are customized to each individual's request and price.

If you would like to contact me, you can do so at the following number (435) 286-2281.

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