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Castle Valley Special Service District

Staff Writer

On July 17, the Castle Valley Special Service District held a meeting to update the board on its ongoing projects. The first project discussed was the chip and seal project on the Orangeville city roads. Main Street is quite rough but expected to get better when the contractor sweeps the excess gravel. The roads will then be sealed and restriped.

This project was several weeks late starting due to waiting for the curb and gutter crews to finish with their project. Darrel Leamaster pointed out that the weather is perfect for a chip/seal project as the temperature on the road surface was 136 degrees. The roads in Orangeville are expected to be completed during the week of July 21.

Concerning the SR-10 water relocation project, Terry Brotherson is the contractor and the water lines are expected to be relocated sometime during the middle of August.

The Ferron sewer lagoon relocation is waiting on the power company who are waiting on an appraisal.

The curb and gutter projects for 2003 are ahead of schedule. They are finished in Emery and Ferron, and there is a little clean up work to be completed in Orangeville. The crews will be moving into Cleveland next and then on to Elmo. At present, there are two waterways left to complete in Ferron.

Terry Brotherson is also the contractor on the drainage projects. Castle Dale is nearly completed and the projects in Orangeville are finished. The work that needs to be finished in Castle Dale are two small items that were added to the contract. These include the addition of a 15 inch drainage line on 200 North and a catch basin at 200 North and Center Street.

Nielson Construction is the contractor for the 2003 streets projects. The project is currently 33 percent complete. Emery is nearly finished and crews are working in Huntington at present. Work will continue in Huntington as soon as the utility poles have been relocated.

The applications for the 2004 CIB projects are due by Aug. 1. Leamaster and Craig Johansen will concentrate on finishing these applications to be ready on time. They have received the appropriate documents from the cities in the county. Interviews concerning the applications will take place in September with the awards to be made in December. All of the intergovernmental agreements with the individual towns have been signed and received.

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