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Duct tape party

Ferron Elementary Students tape Principal Dawes to the wall.


Ferron students tape Principal Dawes to wall for a good cause

Ferron Elementary participated in collecting items for the men and women serving in the Armed Forces overseas that will not be home for Christmas.

As an incentive Principal Brian Dawes was a good sport and said the students could tape him to the wall of they gym if they collected items for the soldiers. Items collected included food, gum, candy, crackers and much more. Students also wrote letters of appreciation to the soldiers to be sent along with the treats.

The program was started by Melanie Miera from Cleveland Elementary. Schools from throughout the Emery School District have been collecting items to send.

On Friday morning the Ferron Elementary students filed into the gym to begin taping Principal Dawes to the wall. Each student was given a strip of duct tape. The class that brought in the most donations was Leona Behling's class and they had the privilege of finishing the taping of Principal Dawes to the wall.

After Principal Dawes broke free from the wall, he thanked all of the Ferron Elementary students for their participation in the activity. He thanked them for bringing items that will help make the holidays a little brighter for the servicemen and women who can't be home with their families this holiday season.

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