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Christmas memories

The Rogers home in Huntington has many of the decorations used by her mother for several years to brighten her Huntington home.


Huntington resident spreads Christmas cheer

The Christmas season brings back a lot of memories for Marcie Rogers of Huntington. She is the daughter of Arlene Maddera formerly of Huntington. Arlene decorated her house in Huntington with many lights and decorations. The house was a popular destination during the 1980s and 90s for the residents of Huntington and others throughout the county. They would drive by and stop and look at all of the lights and displays. Arlene as a child was thrilled when she would see imprints of Santa's feet in the snow on the top of their house. When she grew up she delighted in turning her yard into Santa's kingdom. Year by year the collection grew and there was a mailbox where children could send letters to Santa and be sure of a reply.

Marcie said her mother now lives in Las Vegas and has been sick lately. Marcie now has many of her mother's decorations and puts them up in her Huntington yard each year.

Marcie said she was surprised to find her mother had saved the letters children had written to Santa and left in her mailbox.

She shared the letters her mother saved and some are included below:

Dear Santa: Thank you for the toys you sent last year. I would like a suit, pair of gloves, slippers, picture of the desert, microphone, phone, games, paints, ring, stuffed lion and a play kitchen. Thank you, Robert.

Dear Santa: I want a stereo with two speakers. I want a 10 speed that's pink and purple. I want a locker to store a lot of stuff in. I want $303 to buy some things like toys and stuff. I want a baby grows and goes up and down. I want a water bed, cause I like them. I want a book case to put my books in. I want $100,000,033.999 in play money. I want a lot of candy 1,000 pounds of it. I want a boy friend barbie and girl. I want a lot of toys. I want everything I ask for. Love, Michelle.

To Santa: I would like a skateboard for Christmas. From Kasey.

Dear Santa: My name is Michael. Thank you for the presents last year. This year I would like a rolling thunder two handled army gun tank. Thank you.

Dear Santa. My name is Carmen. I am 4 years old. I go to preschool two days a week. I am just learning to write my name, so my Mommy is writing this letter for me. I want a Ken and Barbie doll and wedding clothes.

I hope it snows on the ground. I also want a new Christmas pin. I will leave cookies for you. Do you like Kool-aid or milk? Love, Carmen.

Marcie said her mother just loved to make people happy and give them joy from looking at the pretty lights.

Many people tell her how they remember her mother's house and the many lights that brightened Huntington during the Christmas season for several years.

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