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Windy weather causes damage


High winds in Emery County on Sunday resulted in severe damage to the Ferron City Fire Station. The winds peeled the metal sheets off of the roof to expose the wooden roof underneath the metal. Other reports were received of cars being blown around on the highway. A Ferron resident reported she had to hang onto her fence to avoid being blown away. According to the National Weather Service gusts of up to 80 mph were experienced in Emery County.

The strongest winds were felt on the southern end of the county. In Ferron in the trailer courts skirting was blown from around some trailers. Local residents experienced a lot of roof damage. Sheriff Greg Funk said warm temperatures and the wind have opened up Millsite Reservoir and residents need to be careful when fishing. There was also some damage to the clubhouse roof at the Millsite Golf Course.

Sheriff Funk reported the high winds knocked out a communications tower on Horn Mountain. Currently the tower is operating on generators as there is a problem with the electricity to the site. Problems with cell phones and televisions have resulted from the tower having difficulties.

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