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Canyon View wins Castle Country wrestling tourney

Canyon View Cougar Championship wrestling team.

Wrestlers from Emery and Carbon County competed at the CVAA wrestling tournament at San Rafael Junior High. Canyon View took the overall title. In the 75 pound division, Chase Christansen, SRJH finished first, Wyatt Magnuson, SRJH finished second, Brytan Hansen, CVJH finished third and Klint Allred, CVJH finished fourth. In the 81 pound division, Bradley Judd, MHJH finished first, Keldan Guymon, CVJH finished second, Brock Winter, SRJH finished third and Dominick Kobe, HJH finished fourth.

In the 87 pound division, Caleb Sanderson, MHJH finished first, Cale Allred, CVJH finished second, Spencer Hadfield, CVJH finished third and Noah Armstrong, HJH finished fourth.

In the 93 pound division, Coltin Allred, CVJH finished first, Dallin Grant, MHJH finished second, Josiah Martinez, finished third and Conner Fausett, MHJH finished fourth.

In the 99 pound division, Tanyon Allred, CVJH finished first, McKay Meccarello, SRJH finished second, Dallin Tabone, MHJH finished third and John Behling, SRJH finished fourth.

In the 105 pound division, Newt Oveson, CVJH finished first, Keityn Hunt, MHJH finished second, Kameron Gunter, MHJH finished third and Nick Buckovich, MHJH finished fourth.

In the 111 pound division, Casey Shinner, HJH finished first, Darrell Guymon, CVJH finished second, Jorge Martinez, HJH finished third and Luis Salazar, CVJH finished fourth.

In the 118 pound division, Triton Abeyta, MHJH finished first, Cade Shiner, HJH finished second, Shamus Tucker, CVJH finished second and Easton Gordon, CVJH finished fourth.

In the 124 pound division, Cameron Petersen, CVJH finished first, Alan Manzo, MHJH finished second, Gustavo Garcia, CVJH finished third and Mason Sorenson, HJH finished fourth.

In the 132 pound division, Carson Smith, MHJH finished first, Dalton Bennett, SRJH finished second, Tel Gardner, CVJH finished third and Tayden Gray, HJH finished fourth.

In the 140 pound division, Jaden Flemett, HJH finished first, Kaden Allred, CVJH finished second, Ricky Robertson, SRJH finished third and Gage VanBuren finished fourth.

In the 148 pound division, Ashton Dieli, CVJH finished first, Braydon Lamb, HJH finished second, Hagen Wood, MHJH finished third and Blake Marchello, HJH finished fourth.

In the 155 pound division, Wyatt Wilson, HJH finished first, Kacey Jones, CVJH finished second, Bridger Reynolds, MHJH finished third, Isaac Hardee, SRJH finished fourth.

In the 165 pound division, Nathan Velasquez, HJH finished first, Oscar Herrera, MHJH finished second, Tristan Moyes, MHJH finished third and Jose Lopez, CVJH finished fourth.

In the 175 pound division, Race Nielson, CVJH finished first, Jacob Flemett, HJH finished second, Isiah Midgley, MHJH finished third and Colton Cooper, MHJH finished fourth.

In the Heavyweight division, Jasper Thayn, MHJH finished first, Ty Mecham, CVJH finished second, Chase Jewkes, SRJH finished third and AJ Adams, HJH finished fourth.

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