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Orangeville City swears in new mayor/council members

Mayor Roger Swenson presides over the first council meeting of 2014
Ruanne Leeflang administers the oath of office to Kent Wilson, Tom Baltzer, Carole Larsen and Roger Swenson
The Orangeville bridge during the flooding last year.

By Phil Fauver
staff writer

Under the direction of Mayor Pat Jones Orangeville City Council met Thursday, Jan. 9 in a public hearing held to discuss the need to apply for money from the Community Impact Board for repair of the Orangeville Cottonwood Creek Bridge and the Creek channel. Council Member Brent Tuttle said, "The bridge in Orangeville located at 170 N. Main St. was built in 1976 and needs some significant repair work due to the recent high floods created from the rainstorm runoff that occurred last August and September. The estimated cost for this project is $120,000."

Mayor Jones said Orangeville City does not have money in the budget to do these repairs. The Council voted to approve submitting an application to the Community Impact Board for this project.

When the regular meeting of the Orangeville city Council reconvened City Recorder Ruanne Leeflang swore in the newly elected Mayor Roger Swenson and Council Members Carole Larsen, Tom Baltzer and Kent Wilson. Mayor Roger Swenson reappointed Ruanne Leeflang the City Recorder and Cindy Nielson the City Treasurer.

The outgoing Mayor Pat Jones said the city of Orangeville was in good hands with the newly elected Mayor and City Council. He thanked all of the city employees for their dedication and great works in helping the city to operate smoothly.

When the swearing in ceremony was over Mayor Roger Swenson presented Mayor Pat Jones, Brent Tuttle and Mark Tuttle each with a clock in recognition of their service to the city.

The next order of business was to assign Council Members their duties as follows: Carole Larsen has been assigned planning and zoning, the board of adjustments and the historical committee. Carol Stilson is assigned the beautification committee, the youth city council, Main Street improvements, and city clean-up, Ben Orgill is assigned to parks, city celebrations and community service, Tom Baltzer is assigned the cemetery, fire department, and public safety, Kent Wilson is assigned roads, water and sewer and animal control. Travis Tuttle has been assigned to represent the city council at the County Parks and Recreation District as a board member.

Animal Control Officer Katlin Bell announced a Rabies Clinic will be held at the Orangeville Fire House.

The next Orangeville city council meeting will be on February 13 at 7:30 p.m.

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