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Cleveland town discusses budget issues

staff writer

Cleveland town met for their first meeting of the year on Jan. 9. Jamie Jensen administered the oath of office to Mayor Kobi Erni, Councilmember Verla Jensen and Councilmember Michael Taylor.

A representative from Smuin Rich & Marsing reviewed the financial information for Cleveland town. He said the state auditors office no longer requires an audit for Cleveland, because they bring in less than $500,000. Jamie Jensen will have to certify the financial information. The general fund had a deficit fund balance that has been taken care of. There was a net of $17,341.75. The deficit was rectified by transferring money from the utility fund and interest earned. Cleveland needs to look at ways to increase revenue or decrease spending. It is better to make increases in small increments. There have been improvements to the Cleveland town finances and the city is in the black.

The council officially adopted Roberts Rules of Order.

The council appointed Shannon World as treasurer and deputy clerk. World can fulfill Jamie Jensen's duties when she is absent.

The council disclosed their conflicts of interest.

The council reviewed their duties. Carson Grimm will be over the LEPC and cemetery. Verla Jensen will be over planning and zoning. Mike Taylor will be over Castle Valley Special Service district. The council will hold off on assigning maintenance until a new councilmember is selected.

The town could not hang the Christmas lights this year, due to the power plug-ins not being up to code. It will cost approximately $400 per pole and a meeting is set up with Rocky Mountain Power to discuss the issue. Safety is the issue with the existing plug-ins and every city that is not in compliance with the new safety standards must comply as well.

The council will leave the PCIB list the same as it was last year. They will just change the dates to make it current.

The crossing guard wants to use the green city truck for the heater until she can get her car repaired. Jamie Jensen will check on the liabilities to the city, otherwise the council does not have a problem with her using the truck.

Shannon World will be made a notary. There is a fee of approximately $120, which the city will pay for.

The council voted to approve an increase for culinary water users outside the district for overages. The increase will be $.50 per 1,000 gallons or and increase from $1.40 to $1.90.

In council reports, Councilman Grimm reported, the lawn mower will need some repair before the summer. He will also look into reports of broken bottles at the city park.

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