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Coal spill causes damage to cars

An overturned truck spilled coal along State Road 31 in Huntington.
The truck dumped a large portion of its load on the lot of JN Auto in Huntington.
The coal truck was turning left up State Road 31, when the load overturned.


A coal truck traveling north along Huntington Main Street on Thursday was turning left up SR-31, the Huntington Canyon Road, when the rear trailer overturned.

The trailer spilled most of its load of coal onto the road and onto cars at the JN Auto car lot. The cars received damage to their exterior. Road conditions didn't appear to be a factor in the incident. Sgt. Tom Harrison from the Emery County Sheriff's Office said one car was buried in coal up to the wheels and the spilled coal made a real mess.

The truck belonged to FKZ Trucking who arranged for the clean-up of the spilled coal and will be responsible for damages to the cars in the car lot.

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