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Commission to support amendment 3 litigation

Bill Dellos invites the commissioners to the Lincoln Day Dinner on Saturday at the Museum of the San Rafael at 6:30 p.m.


The commission approved Emery County to join in the Amicus Brief in support of Amendment 3 litigation. An audience member wondered what that meant. Commissioner Nelson said Amendment 3 passed by the State of Utah in 2004 defines marriage as being between one man and one woman.

The citizens of Emery County voted with 70 percent support when this amendment was on the ballot in 2004.

Federal district court judge Robert J. Shelby ruled that Utah's amendment 3 was illegal.

This opened the door for same sex marriages in Utah for approximately 17 days from December 20, 2013-Jan. 6, 2014 before the Supreme Court ordered a stay. Commissioner Nelson said no same sex couple marriage licenses were issued in Emery County. This action by the commissioners will add Emery County's support to litigation supporting Amendment 3.

Sam Bramall, Zora Peacock and Karen Huntsman were approved to serve on the Emery County Council on Aging and Nutrition. Mary Kava will serve on the Museum of the San Rafael Board. Brad Giles and Troy Winter were approved to serve on the Emery County Recreation Special Service District.

The easement agreement with Andalex Resources for the debris basin in Huntington Canyon was approved with a few changes. The yearly contract with the Utah State University Extension was approved. The cooperative agreement between the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and the Emery County Weed and Mosquito Department was approved.

Bill Dellos announced a countywide Lincoln Day dinner sponsored by the Republican Party on Feb. 8 at 6:30 p.m. Several politicians are expected to attend including the governor, Lt. Governor, attorney general, Sen. Orrin Hatch and Rep. Jason Chaffetz.

Under the commission reports, Commissioner Migliori said the economic development council has monies available for their Main Street Incentive Program. These grants can be used by businesses for signage or improving their store fronts. Their revolving loan fund has issued a loan recently for a new business. The Emery County Business Chamber recognized Stewarts Market and Maverik at their recent lunch and learn and Commissioner Migliori gave an economic update for 2014. Commissioner Migliori said he's disappointed at the progress that's been made with the Rep. Rob Bishop lands bill. At a meeting recently, they said a bill probably won't be ready until fall of this year.

Commissioner Nelson said each town needs to have a representative appointed to the fire district board. He had a conference call with the Joe's Valley bouldering group. They are working on promoting a BLM recreational designation for the site. They are also now bouldering in Cottonwood Canyon. Each new site they find they name the rocks and put them on the internet. These boulderers are actively engaged in climbing and have funds available for improvements. Kay McIff held a water meeting to present changes he is presenting in a bill. The changes would make it easier to sell water. Mike McCandless said the irrigation companies are concerned.

Commissioner Horrocks said he's been working on the debris basin projects in Huntington Canyon. The weed and mosquito department is working on Russian olive removal. The travel bureau has been actively attending all of the travel shows in San Diego, Denver, Quartsite and in Salt Lake. Recreation is a growing industry for the county. Ray Petersen continues to work on public lands issues and is working with SITLA on right of ways on SITLA land. Commissioner Horrocks said the Cowboy Caucus, rural legislators meet each Friday and he will try to attend as many of those meetings as possible. They discuss bills that will impact rural Utah.

Under the consent agenda items Larry Heaton was approved as a Perkey volunteer driver. Scottee Brower has been hired as a part-time head lifeguard at the aquatic center. Melissa Jensen has been hired as a part time assistant librarian in Cleveland. Meagan Wilberg has been hired as a part-time museum director working up to 29 hours per week. The county will begin to recruit for road department seasonal workers. Kaylee VanWagoner has been hired as a certified lifeguard instructor at the aquatic center.

Velvet Farley has been hired as a head lifeguard at the aquatic center. Mindi Labrum has been hired as a part-time fill-in employee for the library system. Phillip Engleman will represent Green River on the Emery County Fire Protection Special Service District.

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