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Ferron man loses life in avalanche in Sanpete County

Four highly experienced back country snowmobilers were riding near Huntington Reservoir on Sunday. They were trained in avalanche rescue and had beacons, probes, shovels, and Spot GPS.

When the avalanche happened, the others in the party reached the area and located their friend who was buried about 6 to 8 feet under the surface and began CPR. They also sent a message with the Spot which sends GPS coordinates with a request for help.

Rescuers from State Parks, Emery and Sanpete County and Fairview Ambulance responded. Clint Conover was transported to the Sanpete Valley Hospital.

Unfortunately Clint Conover from Ferron did not survive. He leaves behind a wife and five children.

Emery County Sheriff Greg Funk said that Deputy Kay Jensen was the first responder from Emery County and arrived before Sanpete personnel. The Spot alerted Sanpete that someone needed help but the nature of the situation was unknown at that time.

After Conover's companions found him they began CPR and continued to work on their friend until help arrived. Sheriff Funk said that Conover was buried for an undetermined amount of time, but possibly as long as 30 minutes. He reported that avalanche danger is high right now in Huntington Canyon.

Conover and companions were riding in what they call the Baldy Ridge area, just south of Huntington Reservoir. They were riding in the pine trees in that area.

With the poor snow base and a heavy layer of wet snow on top avalanche conditions are high reported the sheriff.

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