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	I, Brenda D. Tuttle, Clerk/Auditor of Emery County, hereby inform you
that candidates are to be elected for the following offices at the
upcoming General Election to be held Tuesday, November 4, 2014.  The
candidate filing period for these offices is from Friday, March 14,
2014 and ends at 5:00 p.m., Thursday, March 20, 2014.

1.  Federal
	(a) U.S. House of Representatives. One Representative for a two (2)
year term from the Third Congressional District.  The Third District
consists of Carbon, Grand, part of Salt Lake, San Juan, part of Utah,
and Wasatch Counties.

2. State
	(a) State Executive
		(1) Attorney General

	(b) House of Representatives.  One member of the Utah House of
Representatives from each of the seventy-five (75) state legislative
districts for a two (2) year term.  Those affecting Emery County are:
		(1) District (69) Sixty-nine includes that portion of Emery County
in and around Green River.
		(2) District (70) Seventy includes the remaining portion of Emery
County not included in District 69.

3.  County
	(a) County Commissioners.  Two (2) Commissioners, each for four (4)
		Commissioner A
		Commissioner B
	(b) County Assessor.  One (1) for a term of six (6) years.
	(c) County Attorney.  One (1) for a term of six (6) years.
	(d) County Clerk/Auditor.  One (1) for a term of four (4) years.
	(e) County Recorder.  One (1) for a term of six (6) years.
	(f) County Sheriff.   One (1) for a term of four (4) years.
	(g) County Treasurer.  One (1) for a term of six (6) years.

4.  School Boards
	(a) State Board of Education. One member for a four (4) year term
from State School Board District Fourteen (14).  The Fourteenth
District consists of Beaver, Carbon, Emery, Garfield, Grand, San Juan,
Sevier and Utah Counties.
	(b) Local School Board. One member from each of the following
districts to serve a four (4) year term on the Emery County School
District Board.
		(1) School Board District Four (4) consists of voting precincts:
Huntington West #9, Elmo #11, and part of Huntington East #8 (North &
		(2) School Board District Five (5) consists of voting precincts:
Emery #1, Cleveland #10, and Green River #12.

5.  Judicial
	Supreme Court. There will be an unopposed retention election for two
(2) Supreme Court Justices provided that the incumbent(s) whose term
is expiring files during the filing period.
	Justice Court Judges. Any Justice Court judge whose term is expiring
shall be subject to an unopposed retention election in the county in
which the court to which the judge is appointed is located.

Brenda D. Tuttle
Emery County Clerk/Auditor
Published in the Emery County Progress February 11, 2014.

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