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Political season begins with caucuses/filings

Rod and Kim Player conduct the democratic caucus to elect delegates.
At the Orangeville caucus they elect delegates to attend the county convention on April 24.

The political season has begun for 2014. Democratic caucuses were held on March 18 for the democrats and on March 20 for the republicans.

At these caucuses delegates were elected that will vote for candidates at the county conventions. The democratic county convention will be held on April 3 at the county building in Castle Dale at 6 p.m. and the republican convention will be held on April 24 at Huntington Elementary at 6 p.m. The filing dates for those wanting to run for any office was March 20. Those who have filed to run for office in Emery County include: County Commissioner A: J .R. Nelson - Republican, Keith Brady- Republican, Randy Bell - Republican.

County Commissioner B: Gary Arrington- Republican, Jeff W. Horrocks- Republican, S. Paul Cowley- Republican.

Assessor: Kris Bell - Republican.

County Attornev: Mike Olsen - Republican David A. Blackwell - Independent American Mark H. Tanner- Republican.

Clerk/Auditor: Brenda Tuttle- Republican, Linda Barnes - Independent American.

Recorder: Jeff Guymon- Republican, Connie Jensen- Republican, Gayleen Cox- Republican.

Sheriff: Greg Funk - Republican.

Treasurer: Steven J. Barton - Republican.

School Board District #4: Marie Guymon Johnson. School Board District #5: Royd F. Hatt.

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