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Goblin topplers strike a plea deal

David Hall, left, and Glenn Taylor, far right, along with Taylor's lawyer Scott Card appear at court to face charges for criminal mischief.


The Goblin Valley hoodoo topplers had their first and only appearance in court on March 18. They appeared in the seventh district court before Judge Harmon.

Glen Taylor and David Hall both entered guilty pleas. Hall represented himself and Taylor had legal counsel. Emery County Deputy Attorney Brent Langston represented the state of Utah in the case. Both men waived the reading of the case information. They waived the right to a preliminary hearing.

Both men pled guilty to class A misdemeanors-attempted criminal mischief. Their pleas will be held in abeyance.

The judge said the charge has a maximum penalty of one year in jail and up to a $2,500 fine. The incident occurred on Oct. 11, 2013 at the Goblin Valley state park when the men were camping with a boy scout troop. One filmed the incident and the other pushed over a hoodoo.

The amount of restitution is yet to be determined and the court said this is to be decided within 30 days. The defendants will pay $925 in fines and will pay $1,500 for incident investigation support. The matter will have a paper review in six months on Sept. 16 to make sure all requirements have been completed.

Taylor and Hall were ordered to go to the Emery County jail where they were booked and released. They were also required to give a DNA sample and pay $150 for the DNA testing.

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