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Severe spring weather causes damage

A small brush fire at Wilberg Wash flares up as high winds tear through the county. The fire was quickly extinquished with equipment that was onhand at the scene.
A trailer was blown over by Ferron.

Severe high winds in Emery County on March 17 caused damage to properties throughout the county. Fences were blown down, signs broken off and roofs damaged.

In the Wilberg Wash area a brush fire sent large plumes of black smoke across SR-10. Power outages were reported in Ferron and other communities.

Emery County residents experienced lengthy power outages due to multiple transmission structures being damaged by high winds in the area.

At one time, Rocky Mountain Power estimated that approximately 2,400 customers were without power in Ferron, Clawson, Orangeville, Castle Dale and Huntington.

Some power was restored Monday, but residents in Ferron and Clawson were without power throughout the night and until 11:23 a.m. on March 18.

School was cancelled at Ferron Elementary and San Rafael Junior High School in Ferron due to the outage.

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