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Business Scene

The Melon Vine Food Store in Green River is receiving a face lift and expansion which is scheduled to be completed in September.

As they look into the beginning of their 21st year, Duane and Penny Riches, owners of the Melon Vine Grocery Store in Green River, are enthusiastic about the future. For the past 20 years, they have enjoyed operating the Melon Vine and working with the local people.

"The Green River residents have been very good to us and make our business a success. Over the years, we have had very good employees. Green River is a good place to live and we have enjoyed watching the families around us grow," said Riches.

At the present time, the Melon Vine is undergoing some renovation with an expansion project included. With good conditions, the remodel project will be completed in September. Over the years, the Riches have strived to make the changes that meet the needs of the residents of Green River. "Without the support of our local people and other businesses, we could not have survived over the years," Riches said.

Fresh meat and produce are their specialty and they also offer competitive prices on grocery items. If the need arises, they will special order items for customers.

For all the grocery needs in the community, the Melon Vine is there to serve.

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