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Water Update

Castle Valley Special Service District

Where does Emery County stand on water?

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The availability of secondary irrigation water is both good news and bad news. It is bad news in Castle Dale and Orangeville because after September 1, no more water will be delivered to the secondary ponds. The other communities have good news because they can expect to have secondary water available throughIn all of the other communities the water restrictions are still in place and will be enforced. Everyone is asked to only water when necessary and on your turn. If everyone continues to conserve water and not water after it has rained, we should be able to get through the rest of the year.

The water restrictions that have been in place throughout the year have been very effective in reducing the total water usage. The Castle Valley Special Service District and all Cities appreciate and congratulate everyone on their efforts to conserve water this year. We expected conditions to be much worse than they are, and feel very fortunate to have gotten through the year without placing tighter restrictions and without running out of water.

out September. It will still be under the same restrictions that have been in place during the rest of the year.

The hot and dry July weather that we experienced resulted in higher usage of secondary irrigation water than we had in July of 2002. The combined usage by all of the cities was 256 acre-feet more than in 2002. In many cases the usage exceeded the 20-year July average. (1983-2003). The chart below gives the usage by each city.

July Usage-Secondary Irrigation (Ac/Ft)

Castle Dale190.09145.25198.50157.72

In spite of the high totals used in July, most of the cities can expect to have secondary irrigation water available through out September. Castle Dale and Orangeville will not be that lucky. The Cottonwood Creek Irrigation Company will quit delivering water in the canals and to the secondary irrigation system on Sept. 1. After that no more water will be delivered to the secondary system. Castle Dale City has not placed any restrictions on the use of the secondary water, so residents will be allowed to use the water until the pond is empty. Orangeville City has asked residents to only water trees and shrubs, and not water any lawns after Sept. 1.

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