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Sweet competition at local junior high schools

The first place creations by Kaden Draper and Colton Willson.

Cupcake battles. It was one of the sweetest competitions ever held between Canyon View Junior High and San Rafael Junior High. Students from the family and consumer science classes spent some time baking and decorating cupcakes.

There were all different types and flavors of cupcakes. Much ingenuity went into their design and decorations. There were some with footballs, Easter decorations, basketballs, under the sea theme, oreos and creme cheese, butterfinger, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and most every other flavor imaginable.

The three judges were Charlene Jensen, Jackie Allred and Kerri Allred. The judges had a very flavorful, but hard job as they tasted the creations to see which tickled their palet and which were among the most creative. When, the last crumb had been licked off their faces, they determined winners among the many entries.

Kaden Draper and Colton Willson ended up in first place for their creation with the basketballs and footballs made of fondant as their special ingredient.

Second place winners were Trinity Payne and Dillion Williams. Third place was Courtney Lindsey and Brettlyn Tuttle. The best table presentation award went to Madison Jensen. The most original design went to Sierra Chamberlain. The best effort award went to Shelby Williams. The most colorful award went to Jayla Weston and Kaitlyn Carter.

After the judging the cupcakes were put up for sale as the Canyon View studentbody came in to purchase the sweet treats.

FACS teachers Mrs. Cynoweth and Mrs. Willson supervised and planned the event. They have also had iron chef competitions which include a secret ingredient in the recipes and a table setting competition in recent years. This is the second year they have hosted the cupcake battles.

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