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Miss USU Eastern

L-R: Second runner up, Bonnie Blackburn, Centerville, Utah; Miss USU Eastern Harley Earl, Corrine, Utah; first runner up, Samantha Jones, Price, Utah.

Harley Earl to Reign as Miss USU Eastern 2014.

A five-foot-five-inch point guard on USU Eastern's basketball team was crowned Miss USU Eastern 2014 on March 19 in the Jennifer Leavitt Student Center. Harley Earl from Corrine, Utah, will represent USU Eastern at the Miss Utah Pageant in Salt Lake City in June. The daughter of Cobly and Stacie Earl, is the diversity representative for the student association and is majoring in elementary education. She graduated from Box Elder High School in 2012.

The 20-year-old sophomore sang "Let It Go" for the talent portion of the contest and maintains a 3.6 GPA. Her platform was to get kids involved in sports. "My best relationships I developed in my life all happened because I was involved in sports," she said. "It's a niche that I love and will always be thankful for."

Earl said she had never competed in a beauty pageant before and it is a crazy story of how she ended up being part of the pageant. "The student government adviser asked me to help with the pageant because they were trying to get more women involved. My best friend agreed to be part of the pageant and I told her that I would do it to support her. My friend ended up dropping out and I stayed in."

"So I tried something new and here I am Miss USU Eastern," she said. "It is not something I would have thought I would do, in fact, I would probably tell people, are you kidding, I'm not beauty pageant material."

She liked the skills she learned in the pageant including the interview. "I can see myself successfully interviewing for a job and carrying myself with confidence."

Because of her athleticism growing up, she admits to learning how to be more lady-like around people.

Earl plans to return to USU Eastern her junior year as she continues her degree in elementary education.

The first runner up was Samantha Jones of Price. She is the daughter of Scott and Joelle Jones. She serves as a cheerleader and community relations representative for the USU Eastern Student Association. Her major is legal studies.

Second runner up and Miss Congeniality is Bonnie Jean Blackburn of Centerville, Utah. The daughter of Brent and Carolyn Blackburn, she is the captain of the USU Eastern swing club, an ambassador and member of The Eagle staff. She is studying early childhood development.

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