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Riders Against Cancer


The riders began in Emery and ended in Cleveland after making a loop through Elmo.

Early in the morning hours on Aug. 23 the bikers involved in the ride against cancer met in Emery. Thirty-one riders participated in the ride to raise funds for cancer research. The ride was held as part of the annual Relay for Life which is held each year in July. Members of the MECCA bike club came up with the idea to add a biking event and many of them participated in the walking event as well.

Each rider raised funds to contribute by gathering donations in memory of someone with cancer or in memory of someone who has passed on who had the disease. These names were written on stickers and attached to the riders shirts throughout the ride.

Event organizer, Jamie Jensen said, "We have had so much support of this event. Maverik donated cookies for the lunch and UP&L Credit Union and Subway contributed to the lunch. We stopped in Ferron for breakfast and Wal-Mart helped with that. We traveled 62 miles altogether and most of the riders went the entire distance with a few just going part-way.

"So far we have raised over $2,300 and when we have collected all of the money I expect it to go over $2,500. We started riding in Emery and traveled to Ferron and then into Castle Dale on a back road. We stopped at Stewarts where they served us watermelon and then on to Huntington where we had lunch.

"We left Huntington and went on down to Cleveland where we made the loop into Elmo and back to Cleveland for dinner.

"We really had a lot of fun and plan to make this an annual event.

"We really appreciate all of the people who helped along the way and the Emery County Sheriff's Office escorted the riders along the entire route." said Jensen.

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