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Chandler Pearson plays Basketball with the Pros in Exhibition Game

Chandler Pearson, center, with Michael Doleac, right, and Alex Austin, left.

An exhibition game, with the team consisting of the top prep players facing a team consisting of former college and professional players was held at Skyline High School during the Alex Austin High Top Prospects Intensity Basketball Camp. Among the high school students selected to participate in the game was Chandler Pearson, senior at Emery High School.

Other high school students selected were: Colby Vranes, Taylorsville; Chris Miles and Taylor Jackson, Timpview; Tanner Nicholson, West; Taylor Alvey, Alta; Joe Darger, Riverton; Brayden Bell, Connor Nielsen and Derek Pearson, Brighton; Garret Sandberg, Copper Hills; Otis Nelson, Hunter; and Cameron Freed, Skyline.

Among the professionals who played was Britton Johnson, DeShaun Stevenson, Mike Doleac, Silas Mills, Jeff Johnsen and Antoine Carr.

Pearson was also among the finalists in the three point contest during halftime. He also participated in the Slam Dunk contest at half-time.

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