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Street Concerns

By Ramon Martinez

Dear Editor,

I did ask the city of Huntington why they had not put curb, gutter and blacktop on the north end of 300 East for 272 feet. The drainage would be fine to the south to the existing drain on 300 East.

The city's reply was that because of the bad drainage problem on the north 272 feet they could not consider curb and gutter when these other issues needed to be addressed first.

Why fix half of a city block unless the full block could be done?

On the south end of 300 East, the city put 272 feet of blacktop, 90 feet wide on a subdivision. Why?

In the last two years, certain subdivisions have had curb and gutter plus blacktop while other sections in Huntington have not been given consideration to have curb, gutter and blacktop. These homes and property have been in existence longer than the subdivision.

Huntington City has put curb and gutter on vacant lots rather than where homes are.

Why is the city now putting 540 feet of curb and gutter on a one way street 25 feet wide on a subdivision.

Would someone correct me if I am wrong on these issues so that I might apologize for bad eye sight seeing this work done. I travel this area two-three times daily checking my children's property as they are not home and at work all day.

Some how I feel these projects could be a conflict of interest. I have been informed that the city will also blacktop that 25 foot wide roadway on the one-way street.

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