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Emery High Honors Patriots

Staff Writer

Emery High's a cappella choir sings the national anthem.

On September 11, Emery High students and faculty gathered in the auditorium to honor the lives lost on September 11, 2001. The student council used the theme "Remember" for this first assembly of the school year. Tyrell Jewkes welcomed everyone to the assembly. Travis Bunderson led the group in the Pledge of Allegiance. The Emery High a cappella Choir was next on the program singing the National Anthem.

Jessica Malone introduced the special guest speaker, her father, Major Bill Malone of Ferron. He is a retired US Marine Corps officer who spoke about his history with military service from his uncles, father, cousins, nephews and son. His son Jared, is in the 1st Tank Battalion in Iraq. Jared is in Bravo Company among the soldiers who toppled the first statue of Saddam Hussein.

Major Malone reminded the students of the importance of military service and to honor the military always. After a story concerning a retired Marine's heroism on September 11, Major Malone asked the students "Who are your heroes?" He then stated "All the heroes are dead."

Several Emery High students read biographies of people lost on September 11. The choir sang again and the concert band participated by playing. Emery High principal Gwen Callahan closed the assembly with the comment "The best tribute we can give those who died is to be better people."

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