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County Prepares for Primary Elections


The towns and cities in Emery County will be participating in municipal elections with the primary election being held on Oct. 7 in the communities where it is needed. The general election will be held on Nov. 4.

Registration opportunites for those unregistered voters will be held at the Emery County Courthouse, 95 East Main in Castle Dale, Huntington City Hall, 20 South Main in Huntington and the Emery County Sheriff's Complex on 48 Farrer St. in Green River. These locations will register people from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Sept. 26 and Sept. 29.

The following city council and mayoral candidates are listed for the cities involved. In order to require a primary election be held, there must be twice as many candidates running as there are open positions.

Clawson Town

Bryant Glade Nelson, Clay R. Gasser, Jon Keith Sorenson-each are on the ballot for the four year term councilperson. No one filed for the two year term also open on the council. In the four year council person election, two will be elected.

Castle Dale City

Kollette K. Cologie, Joel S. Dorsch, Bradley H. Giles, LaMont Gordon, Bret Mills, Brad Peay, Edward Rasbold, Douglas H. Weaver.

There are three positions open, a primary will be held Oct. 7.


Kirt Rasmussen, Betty Labrum, Elroy Mortensen. Two four-year positions are open.


Kelly Alton, James W. Fauver, Randall C. Stilson, Jeff Tuttle. Four year council person position. Three positions open.


In the Mayoral Race; Kent Larsen and Bryon Rollins. This is a two year term position. In the two year council person position; Jo Sansevero and Joe Trenery. For the four year term positions; Gordon S. Bennett, Orville Derrick, Randy D. Fox, Phil Jay Funk, Melinda H. MECCAriello, Lou Sansevero. There are three positions open in this race.


For the two year council person position; Jim Gordon, Ramon Martinez, and Bob T. Mills. There will be a primary for this position on Oct. 7. For the three positions as four year council person; Gary Arrington, Norman Dingman, Hilary Gordon, Tom Grimm, Julie Jones, and Chris Rowley.

Green River

For the two year term with one position open, Blaine F. Evans is running. For the city council candidates with three four year terms open. Those running include: Kerry Bigelow, Patrick M. Brady, Mindy Cassingham, Connie Copenhaver, Michael R. Dunwoody, Trent Fluckey, Dan Harrison, Norma Dean Hawkinson and Douglas Richards. Primary Election in Green River will be held on Oct. 7 for the four year position.

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