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North Emery Water Users Discuss Rilda Springs Project

Staff Writer

On Sept. 4, the North Emery Water Users Special Service District held its monthly meeting. Kevin Jensen was welcomed to the board as a new member.

Roy Nikas, from Price Insurance, was on hand to discuss the insurance policies the district carries. He informed the board that Sept. 21 is the date by which the forms should be filled out and returned as that is the date their current coverage expires. The board approved to carry the insurance that Nikas had recommended.

Merrill Johansen gave the update from Johansen and Tuttle Engineering concerning the final inspection and painting of the water tank. Johansen explained that all the work is complete and the contractor will come back in one year to do another inspection as a follow up on their work.

Johansen also explained that the work at Rilda Canyon Springs was nearly complete. The manholes and cleanouts are installed and the lids are coming. He also stated that he is working with Darrel Leamaster on the root cleanout problem. The root cutter machine works very well except for the 45 degree angles and there is a need for cleaning these. Craig Johansen is also looking into the solution and is expecting it soon.

Merrill Johansen presented the board with the final copies of the fence and pump house work for the Community Impact Board.

Jack Stoyanoff expressed his concern with the rocks around the manholes. He said the ground needs to be smooth and slope away from the covers. Johansen assured the board that he would see to the solution to this concern.

The board requested the certification papers from Carl Fillmore and Ray Quinn. Stoyanoff informed the board of a request for a water connection in an area of the system where it is not possible to add any more connections at the present time.

The CIB grant for the new water treatment plant was discussed next. NEWUSSD has applied for and received a grant to expand the size of the water treatment plant being built by PacifiCorp and Genwal mining companies. This grant will make NEWUSSD part owners of the treatment plant. The board approved and signed the grant.

An informational meeting was held with Energy West recently to discuss the possibility of installing a bathhouse and portal below Rilda Springs. Energy West requested permission to move some distribution lines if that becomes necessary. Randy Bell informed the board members who were not present at that meeting that Energy West has a good plan and all the bases are covered. He has also been assured that there is no possible way for hazardous material to get into the water supply.

A request was read from two residents who wish to build homes where NEWUSSD does not have service lines. NEWUSSD approved issuing a letter to the residents, who can then go to Castle Valley Special Service District for the connections and service.

The next meeting of NEWUSSD will be Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.

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