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Letter to the Editor: Questions Payment

Taxpayer-Castle Dale

Dear Editor:

There should be no reason that the people of Emery County should have anything to "heal" with the state as a commissioner said in the report of last commission meeting in the Emery County Progress, Sept. 23. Also quoting from the newspaper - "The commission determined that for the sake of future relations with the state, that they should step up and pay for it."

Every taxpayer in Emery County should demand an explanation from our county commissioners for making what appears to amount to a $25,000 gift to a Harvard professor, Keith Allred through Dynamic Feedback at last commission meeting. The money was approved in response to a "request" from the state to help pay the $97,733.81 bill for trying to develop an opinion poll on the proposed San Rafael National Monument, a poll that never was taken. If the funds were not received, the contract states that "it is understood by both parties that this agreement is null and void."

The agreement, signed on Jan. 21, 2003 by the county to pay this sum to Dynamic Feedback was contingent on Emery County receiving at least $97,733.81 from the State of Utah. As of this date they have not received any of these funds. This agreement was signed even after the voters of Emery County voted against the San Rafael National Monument Proposal in the November 2002 election.

It appears that there was another contract, between the federal government, namely the Department of the Interior, and the state of Utah that never included Emery County as a monetary contributor to the expenses of the services.

This $25,000 "gift" could have been better spent right here in the county. What about community programs? What about GPS surveying for the RS-2477 right of ways and trails? What about expenses left from the Green River Annexation? I'm sure there are many other valid requests that could have been considered.


Mark H. Williams

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