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Letter to the Editor: Take Care of Your Own


Dear Editor,

Uncle Sam should take care of his own kids!

President Bush's $87 billion plan is a slap in the face.

While watching the news last week, I was appalled to see the story about this next atrociously large sum of money to be spent on Iraq etc.worse though, was the story that followed. It detailed new U.S. statistics that show 17 percent of U.S. children live below poverty level. How can this be? We have money to solve all these other countries problems, why don't we solve some of our own?

Why are we (U.S. officials) sticking our noses (not to mention necks) across oceans while turning our backs on our own children?

This whole thing reminds me of the little speech that flight attendants make. "Please put on your own air mask before attempting to assist others." Good advice. If we don't take care of "us", we won't be around to help everyone else.

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