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Lady Spartan Tennis

Sports Reporter

Whitney Erickson waits at the net for her partner, Nicole Sanders to serve the ball.

The Lady Spartan tennis team of Emery High School traveled to Snow College in Ephraim last weekend to participate in the Region 8 tennis tournament. The team finished in a tie for third place with the Lehi Pioneers. North Sanpete won the region meet with Delta finishing second.

The Spartans played 11 matches during the season and seemed to improve each and every match. According to Coach Tom Hansen,"The girls improved their individual play all year long. The girls really improved their play at the region meet."

The Spartan players for the year were first singles Tiffany Frisbee, a junior, and second singles Trista Cowley, a senior. Both Frisbee and Cowley finished fourth in region but both took their matches to three sets before losing. Eve Guymon, a sophomore, played third singles. After going into the meet as a fourth seed, Guymon pulled the upset and finished second. Guymon, according to her coach, greatly improved her serving as she gave up on the softball swing, softened her power and went for service placement.

Playing at first doubles this year are Whitney Erickson, a junior, with Nicole Sanders, a senior. At second doubles were Shalantie Minor, also a senior, and Alison Ware, another senior. Both doubles teams finished third at the region meet.

With all players advancing to the state meet this week, Spartan fans are looking forward as their team continues to improve. The State meet is being held at Mike's Tennis Academy in Salt Lake City. The inexact location is off Foothill Drive by the Bonneville golf course. Good luck tennis team.

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