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Swallow Appreciates Emery County Voters


John Swallow hosted a dinner at the De' Ja' Vu restaurant in Huntington for republican delegates, county central committee members and elected county officials.

This dinner was in appreciation for the hard work of party faithful in getting out the vote in Emery County during the last election. Swallow did not win that election, but he is prepared to win the next.

Bill Dellos Republican Emery County Party Chairman introduced John Swallow and his Campaign manager Debbie Huckstep.

John Swallow is laying the ground work for his upcoming campaign for Congress in November 2004. Swallow feels he is more prepared to win the next election, because of his experience in the last election. The three terms he spent in the Utah Legislature will also be helpful.

He wants to bring common sense to government, to allow freedom for people to grow and become the best they can be.

He grew up on a farm and is very interested in land issues, the rights and freedoms of Utah citizens, and the education of Utah children. This past year Swallow served as President and CEO of Multiple Access Conservation Coalition.While helping that group he found the federal government is impeding the rights to our land. The most recent successful issue he worked on was, removing the Lake Powell water craft restrictions.

This next election will be about power and the federal government versus Utah citizens. John hopes to remind the bureaucrats that they are in office to serve the public not special interest groups or their own interests.

Politics is a very serious power game, similar to football, to move issues in the right direction takes resources, name recognition, experience and money. He has already raised more than $200,000 dollars for the next campaign. In a recent poll he is at 31 percent and the nearest Republican opponent is at 18 percent.

"It is time to think anew and work anew through the difficult times this country will face in the future," Swallow said.

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