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Bridgewater Says He supports Bush; Matheson does Not

Congressional candidate Tim Bridgewater announced recently that he is disappointed in Rep. Jim Matheson's endorsement of Gen. Wesley Clark for US President and his veiled attack on President George W. Bush.

"Throughout the past three years President Bush had provided solid, decisive leadership during one of the most challenging time in our nation's history," commented Bridgewater. "He has earned my respect and the respect of many Utahns through his aggressive stance against world terror and his support of a strong national defense."

"People in the US supporting Clark are basically stating that Bush has failed in leading our country in the post 9/11 era. I think those people, including Jim Matheson, are dead wrong," said Bridgewater.

Bridgewater, a current Bush Pioneer, recently partnered with sportsmen and conservation activist in building a nationwide coalition "Sportsmen for Bush." The grassroots organizations showing support for the president and his public land policies and healthy forest initiative through mobilizing their large voting block and fund-raising capabilities.

"Democrats, including Jim Matheson, are now lining up to defeat our president," said Bridgewater. "The president has my solid support and the support of an overwhelming majority of Utah residents in his quest to continue leading the American people."

"During Democrat Jim Matheson's last race for Congress, he pretended to be a supporter of President Bush because it was politically expedient," noted Bridgewater."

With President Bush's approval ratings in Utah reaching 76 percent (Dan Jones/Deseret New Poll 9-15-03), Bridgewater feels Matheson is out of touch with the state and the second congressional district in his support for Clark.

"President Bush's optimistic vision for our country is clearly in step with the goals of our great state," commented Bridgewater. "The president has been an advocate for lower taxes, local control of education, and access to and responsible use of public lands. These are vital issues to the resident of the second congressional district."

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