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Emery Town Holds Public Hearing

Staff Writer

Emery Town held a public hearing prior to the regular town council meeting on Oct. 14. This public hearing was to hear comments concerning budget amendments to the 2004 budget. Mayor Michael Williams opened the hearing and explained the changes to be made in the budget amounts. He said the professional services amount would need to be increased due to a change in the Utah State law. He also informed the council that the town would be required to pay for the election judges this year due to the town's election and that amount had not been included in the previous budget.

Mayor Williams explained that the amount budgeted for Class B roads would be decreased to allow an increase in the other general government category. The amendments were discussed and after hearing no public comments, the measures were approved and the hearing closed.

During the regular town council meeting, Mayor Williams reviewed the previous month's minutes and followed up on the items that were to have been accomplished. All council people had completed the assignments and the minutes were approved.

When the auditors were doing the audit, they advised Mayor Williams concerning using a credit union as depository. The auditors had informed the mayor that a town could not use a credit union. Mayor Williams has researched state laws and investigated other towns handling of this issue, and discovered that the use of a credit union is allowed. The council approved the use of the Desertview Credit Union branch in Ferron as a depository. Town recorder Judi Riddle will handle the transfer.

Three town residents recommended to the council that a flag pole and flag be installed in front of the town office. After some discussion of the necessity of a weatherproof flag and lights for night use, the installation was approved.

Ken Christiansen requested that the council consider preparation for construction of a new town office and post office building. The existing building is quite old and is in need of major renovation and repair. Mayor Williams reported that no CIB money would be available to the town for two-three years, and other funding sources would need to be found.

Councilman Eric Anderson suggested having someone draw up tentative plans and get cost estimates to be considered next year. The council approved these actions.

Marie Anderson reported to the council that the Emery County Recreation Board had approved the sum of $15,000 for the town to be used for recreation equipment or construction. This money cannot be used to renovate existing equipment, but must be used for something new. After a lengthy discussion of the towns needs, the council decided to purchase new equipment for the playground.

Anderson also informed the council of a county equipment auction to be held Nov. 1 at the old sheriff's office building in Castle Dale. Also, on Nov. 7 the new court house will host an open house all day.

Mayor Williams requested that Jon Sundstrom contact Justin Childs and inquire as to the needs of the fire department. Sundstrom is to be prepared at next's month meeting with the report.

Councilwoman Glenys Sitterud asked about the ATV ordinance. Mayor Williams is investigating Utah State law and will draw up an ordinance for consideration. She also informed the council that she has received a letter of support from the Emery County Commissioners concerning the petition for an ATV access along SR-10 and over Muddy Creek.

The lease with NexTel for the cellular telephone tower has been signed. Mayor Williams informed the council that construction will begin as soon as possible and that a construction company that specializes in this sort of construction from California will be doing the work.

The next Emery Town Council meeting will held Nov. 11 at 6 p.m.

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