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New Mine Opening

Guest Writer

Ann Walker, new owner of Horizon Mine speaks at the picnic.

Horizon Mine celebrated the reopening of the mine Oct. 11. This celebration was held at the Washington Park in Price. This mine was formerly owned by Lodestar Mining Company. The mine is located up Consumers Canyon.

The new owners of the Horizon Mine are Ann Walker, Alex Walker, Sr. and Alex Walker, Jr.

The Walker family, the new owners of the mine, have a long history of about 100 years with coal mining. Alex Sr.'s father was a mule driver in a Pennsylvania coal mine when he was 10 years old.

Ann Walker is the one who made the decision to purchase this mine. She is convinced that owning the Horizon Mine is a great investment and will benefit both Carbon and Emery counties.

The opening of the Horizon Mine will continue the Walker's economical support of this community.

Fifty new employees have recently been added to the payroll at Horizon Mine. This is good news for those who were seeking employment.

The Walker family hosted the food, games and barbecue for people in Carbon and Emery counties. This event was filled with food, games and entertainment for the whole family.

On hand for this celebration were special guests, Mike Dmitrich, Utah Senate Minority Leader, and John Swallow, candidate for Congress. Each guest spoke to the crowd.

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