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Safety First


Long Awaited School Lights Become Reality

UDOT Workers install new safety lights on Huntington Main Street.

The safety of the children attending Huntington Elementary has always been a big concern with the heavy traffic load going through the town each morning and afternoon. Small flashing lights were setup at each side of the school zone which were hard to see. Crossing guards, Estelle Grange and Amy Hill were alarmed at the rate of speed some of the vehicles traveled in the school zone. Large trucks and passenger cars alike did not observe the crossing guard in the intersection when they were stopping traffic for school children walking or pushing their bikes across. The crossing guards have had some close calls with vehicles not stopping for children and speeding through the intersection.

The newly installed lights stretch over the highway making them more visible to motorists.

Judy Lang, neighborhood watch coordinator contacted UDOT and requested safety lights be installed as part of the recent rotomilling and repaving of Huntington Main Street project. UDOT workers spent time working on the holes for the large new lights which stretch out over the highway and are far more noticeable than the lights by the roadside. Road crews also painted school zone in bright letters to make the school crossing more visible.

Patrols by the Emery County Sheriff's Office during crossings in the morning and afternoon help to deter speeders through the school zones and the newly installed safety lights will go a long way towards ensuring the safety of the Huntington children.

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