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Canyon View Wins Volleyball Tourney


After finishing tied for first place in the Castle Valley Association league, the Canyon View Cougars lost the coin toss and were seeded second.

In the first round, the Cougars played arch-rival San Rafael who came out tough and played outstanding defense for the entire set. Canyon View won a hard fought first game 25-17 behind excellent serving of Haylie Hansen and Camille Fehlberg. In game two, the Bulldogs came back and won 25-23. Canyon View then reasserted itself in game three and four behind the hitting of Rachel Rasmussen and Brandie Wilson.

In round two, the Cougars took on Mont Harmon who was the first seed. They had a very talented team who played a lot of club ball this summer. In our first meeting, they swept us in three straight which caused us to work twice as hard. This time CV swept them 25-20 behind the superb passing ad Lacey Erickson and the hitting of Meagan Pearson.

I would like to thank these young ladies for their hard work. They made it look easy as they really played as a team. Camille Fehlberg was our defensive star being everywhere on the floor. Haylie Hansen is our best offensive players, she can do it all, serve, set pass, spike and dunk with prowess. Rachel Rasmussen and Meagan Pearson were our kill leaders and Brandee Wilson was in my opinion our MVP in the tournament. Our bench was made up of Shianne Nicholes and Britlee Ward who made significant contributions in almost every game. I would also like to thank my assistant coach Misti Jensen Bagley who is a fundamental specialist.

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