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The holidays are almost upon us. It is time for a reality Christmas shopping check. I have been doing my Christmas shopping all year long. A promise I made to myself at the beginning of this year. I have tucked my treasures all around the house now it is time to retrieve them. I hope I can remember where I hid them all. You know what that is like.

We put things away in a great place so we won't lose them and sure enough we can't find the great place we hid them. We all do it. Come on people, fess up. You know it is true. I've got to lay it all out now and see what is left I have to buy. I must confess I like the idea of not having to face all that last minute shopping. Plus it is easier on my finances.

I do my shopping with catalogs. I HATE TO MALL SHOP. I have to walk and I have always hated that. I get tired and worn out, blisters on my feet, jostling all those people, and for what? A chance to look at things I can't afford to buy. I would much rather sit in my easy chair and peruse the catalogs. I'm good at it.

My sister, Annette, is a master at mall shopping. I've walked with her in a mall. I'm ambling along, flapping at the mouth, we come to the front of the store. My sister can dart into the store, cruise the entire store, check out the sales, tell me the bargains, slip back into walking beside me AND pick up the conversation BEFORE we have walked passed the store front. I"ve never seen anything like it. You think I am exaggerating but I am not!

I stopped going with her because I would get embarrassed. Imagine what it looked like for this lady to be walking along, talking out loud to no one. People giving me funny looks. I'd look up and see her coming towards me and realize I had been talking to the air.

Heaven forbid we should pass by a shoe store. Annette loves shoes. She has shoes for every blouse, skirt, dress, and I think sometimes undies. In every color and shape and style you can think of. We call her the Imelda Marcos of Southern California. Heck, I wouldn't be surprised if it was all California.

When you come to a shoe store with her it's a sight to see. She can do all those other things I described AND find out the size,what colors they come in, if they have more than one pair (she always buys more than one pair of the same pair of shoes) THEN she tries them on. I always know when we come to a shoe store, I might have to wait at the other end of the front of the store, just for an extra minute but not much more than that! She hasn't quite mastered the art of not making me wait just a minute or two while she pays for them.

Now that I have grandchildren, I have put my sister in charge of finding shoes for the little ones. She comes through every time. She will stand for hours in a department store, going through every box there is until she finds what she is looking for. She doesn't wait for anybody to help her. She just dives in. Boxes going every which way. She is in her element when she is shopping for shoes.

Through all of this, there is one thing I have learned about shopping from my sis, she is right when she says,"always buy more then one pair of the same pair of shoes." I know that to be truth and have followed her advice. That way I always have a comfortable pair of shoes to wear. "Imelda" thanks!"

Well, that is my world. Until next time, happy shopping. May you find what you are looking for and remember where you hid it.

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