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The Tribe of Many Running Children


Teacher Carol Ann Stream leads the children in song about the Indians.

The "Many Running Children" tribe converged at their preschool for a mini powwow on Nov. 25 in Huntington. Their teacher Carol Ann Stream said, "They have spent the last few weeks learning about the first Thanksgiving and preparing for their powwow. They have constructed amulets made out of seeds and they also made either bear or eagle claw necklaces. They made headbands with feathers and drums out of oatmeal containers.

"We had authentic Indian pow wow music provided by Tillie Winder. We also made buckskin vests out of paper sacks. The children have really enjoyed making the items in preparation for their powwow. They all wanted to take everything home immediately to show their parents and it was hard for them to wait for the big day. We have also made Indian stew this month and the children all brought a vegetable from home and

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