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Letter to the Editor: Keep Emery at the 3A Level


Dear Editor,

I am concerned with the new classification proposal that would move Emery back down to 2A. Our region would consist of Grand County, Monticello, San Juan, and Monument Valley. Emery has, for the most part, been able to compete and excel at the 3A level. We would lose our natural rival in Carbon. The travel time would be absolutely unacceptable. On a trip to Monument Valley the kids would arrive home between 2 and 3 a.m. San Juan and Monticello are long road trips with little to no freeway. It would be hard on kids and parents alike.

I would hope the school administration and school board would take a hard look at this to see what is in the best interest of the school. Some people say we cannot compete at the 3A level, especially in the sports that require larger numbers of kids (i.e. football). We are actually only 4 years removed from a state championship game in football. There is talent to be there again at some point in the future. This goes for both girls and boys athletics.

Also, if we think that we will dominate just because we would be in this new classification we are only fooling ourselves. There are good players and teams at the 2A level. It is not about lowering the competition, it is about raising your game to meet the challenge the other team presents. I know, with the kids and coaches we have at Emery High, this is possible. I am realistic about leveling the playing field, but going to 2A, especially that region, would be a mistake. I would hope we would act against this.

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