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Nice Doggy: Emery County Dogs take Obedience Training School

Johnny Lindquist and Diva practice what they have learned in the class at Emery County Recreation Center.

The Emery County Recreation District recently hosted a six week long dog obedience training course. The course, taught by Cheryl Sorensen, Jerald Barney and Malena Barney, introduced dogs and their owners to the basic skills required to succeed at training. Eleven county residents brought their dogs, some more than one, to the recreation center on a weekly basis for six weeks.

Dogs learned to work in the same environment with other dogs and people. They learned to be alert to their own master and the hand signals that might be given along with the vocal commands. This program will be offered again in the spring and all residents and their dogs are encouraged to get involved and learn to work together.

At the end of the final class, awards were given to the successful participants of the class. Star Student Award went to: Johnny Lindquist and his dogs Rudy and Dutch; WOW Award, Johnny Lindquist and his dog Diva; Award of Excellence to Brandi Jeffs and her dog Lucky and also to Juanita McEvoy and her dog Cassiopia; Most Improved Awards went to Brandi Jeffs and her dog Dax, Geri Hannah and her dog Piper, and Craig Nielson and his dog Brutus; Great Award to Ralene Larsen and her dog Chewy and Lisa Sherman and her dog Zora; Participation Award to Charlotte Williams and her dog Chassy and Val Mastin and his dog Chipper; and the I Made It Award went to Sharon Pollaehne and her dog Mugsy.

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